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by M.J. Harris

Review by Maurice A. Williams....

I got a lot out of this book. The author presents his perception of the spiritual nature we all share, and he expresses it in a different way, a more down-to-earth way than a theologian would. I easily understood what the author is saying, and I recall having similar glimpses into my own spiritual self like the author did.

This book contains a series of short essays where the author describes his growing awareness of his spiritual nature almost as if he discovered it through his own experience, yet his understanding of his spirituality is thoroughly Christian. He concludes that Christ is Lord and Savior. His book ends with a prayer he composed for Good Friday (prayer). I found the prayer beautiful and moving.

How refreshing not to be immersed once again into New Age mentality as so many modern books on spirituality do today. Here is a book I easily understood, I enjoyed it, and I am certain to profit from it. This book would make good reading for home discussion groups.

Review by Miguel C. ...

Good information, enjoyed reading, a lot of thought provoking ideas. Actual information for the beginning to a practical user. Certain it will help everyone in one way or another.

Review by James Abraham...

“Triune” is a well-written account of one man’s spirituality. It sets out clearly why the author believes what he believes, makes allowances for those who may not share the author’s beliefs, then offers skeptics and believers alike the comfort of knowing that, through faith, peace is at hand for all.

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