Good Friday Prayer

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Good Friday Prayer

by M.J.Harris

Prayer transcends time and is the language of our Father in Heaven and Christ Jesus. This prayer is offered up to Jesus in His hour of need. Because He is as much a man, as He is God. Because His suffering and terror is more than any man could endure. I pray for Him.

Father in Heaven, please take my prayer to Jesus in His hour of need. Give Him relief knowing that a sinner from the future is praying to give Him strength.

Jesus, your suffering has given me salvation! I have sinned and estranged myself from God the Father. I, not you, deserve the consequences of sin.

My heart aches knowing that I am responsible for your suffering. I am sorry! I fail so often! I am sorry that I am responsible for your pain and terror. I am ashamed to thank you for your sacrifice. I am not worthy for you to be aware of me. I am not worthy to pray to you.

Jesus “the man,” please know in your hour of suffering that you have saved my eternal soul! You have changed my earthly life. Know that your torment is not in vain. Please forgive me my sins.

If the Father through You loves me so much that I be saved, how clear my mind must be! How precious every thought! How dire every choice! How deadly every sin!