Triune Excerpt


by M.J.Harris

Each of us is alone, existing in the universe of our own lives. We are interactive with countless other lives yet still confined to looking out at the world so to speak. We are alone within ourselves, hidden away from peering eyes, as if looking out a window at the world, interacting with other people when it's called for. That is the nature of being human and existing in this physical world.

There is another nature of being human. The spiritual nature is also the essence of being human. As we live out our lives here on Earth, that spiritual essence is in the process of being developed. The spiritual essence of a human being is shaped by the events and choices we make as we navigate our way through life.

The physical human being is the essence of change, from an embryo to birth, throughout life and finally death, always changing, never the same. We're constantly aging, growing up and growing old, yet we're always the same unique human being. We experience change. We are shaped by change, and we take it with us as we go through life. We don't leave change behind, it effects us. It makes us better or worse. It makes us different. Change changes us.

So in that way, that way of being human, we are creations of constant change. We are creatures of paradoxical realities. We are physical beings yet we are also spiritual beings. We are finite physical creatures with a life on Earth limited by physical realities. We will die physically. We are also spiritual creatures with an infinite life. We will live on forever. We are paradoxical.

The spiritual aspect of being human doesn't suddenly take over when you die. It's always there. Too many of us tuck it away for later, as if it were a good idea at the wrong time. We need to be engaged with our spiritual nature as we go through life. Living life as if it were only in the physical is like drawing a picture of a ball on a piece of paper instead of holding a real ball in your hands. It's like looking at a glass of water instead of drinking it.

How many people go through life living only in the physical, thinking only of the physical? Think about how much better a world we could and should have. Being aware of your spiritual nature and its interactivity with this world is a reality changer. The amount of positive change that one person can make happen is immeasurable! Understanding that you don't have to wait until you die to experience the spiritual reality of your eternal self is what physical life is all about.

Having a sensitive eye to the spiritual realities of life changes everything. It's like putting on a pair of glasses to read. Sure, without them you could squint and focus to read the page. You would get the idea of what was written. But, the clarity that the reading glasses provide makes the words clear and obvious.

Some situations in life require a clearer vision that only spiritual awareness can provide. Sometimes the print in the book of life is so small that you need better vision.

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